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The bus, one of the key forms of transport in Scotland, has been in use in the country since the early 20th Century. Scotland has since given birth to two of the largest bus companies in Europe - Perth-based Stagecoach and Aberdeen-based Firstbus. Both companies are now listed on the London Stock Exchange and have aquired a number of smaller companies to build their transport network. Stagecoach have also expanded into America and Europe, as well as owning a stake in some of the privatised train companies, most notably Virgin Trains and South-West Trains.

The first regular bus services that ran in Glasgow commenced in 1914. The first bus services in Glasgow were not run by government organisations but by several private companies. Services were operated between Cumbernauld and other towns on the outskirts of Glasgow and the centre of the city. The early city centre bus stations included Carlton Place, Cathedral Street and Renfrew Street.

In 1999/2000 The City of Edinburgh Council continued to develop the use of public transport with the development of Greenways, lanes on main roads for the exclusive use of buses and taxis during peak hours. Sparked with controversy, Greenways are completely "no stopping" zones which were alleged to have adversely affected kerbside businesses in certain areas, including Leith Walk.


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