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Kidd, Captain William

The infamous pirate Captain William Kidd, born in 1654, was notorious for his activities on the Spanish Main. He ended his life at the end of the gibbet at Wrapping in 1701.

Captain William Kidd was a sailor’s son from Dundee, despite the legend that said he was a son of a minister. The legend, which was disproved in 1999 by David Dobson (Honorary Research Fellow at Aberdeen University’s Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies), told that the pirate captain was a minister’s son from Greenock. There was no trace of a Reverend Kidd ever having worked or preached in Renfrewshire at the time of the villainous Captain's birth. It is suggested that the myth of Kidd being a son of the Manse may have come from his last words to Chaplain Paul Lorain before his death, which is recorded in the Newgate Calendar.



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