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Dunbar, a historic burgh on East Lothian's coast, has its roots in times as far back as prior to when the Romans invaded Britain. Throughout history, the southern coastal location of Dunbar made it an important tactical stronghold. The remains of two castles in the harbour area, as well as Tantallon Castle nearby, serve as firm eveidence of the town's links with the past.

Often referred to locally as Sunny Dunny, Dunbar is the sunniest and driest town in Scotland, making its beaches and the stunning Belhaven Bay popular destinations.

Dunbar boasts a number of fine 18th and 19th Century buildings, one of which is the John Muir House where John Muir was born. His house is preserved inside and out to represent the atmosphere and decor of the time when he resided there. John Muir was a renouned 19th century conservationist who was responsible for the creation of the first National Parks in the United States. A statue honouring him stands in Dunbar's High Street and the beautiful coastal nature reserve that is John Muir Country Park is a true testament to his works.

Dunbar is also home to the Belhaven Brewery - Belhaven's Best beer is brewed in the town. Other key local industries include the nuclear power plant maintained by Scottish Nuclear at Torness and a Blue Circle cement plant.

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