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Alan Scott
Rampant Scotland
The largest directory of Scottish-related web pages!
A Glasgow keelie for nearly 60 years.
Belinda Zarate
The Scot-Tex Haime Page Hullawrerr!! My husband is from Texas but we live in Indiana. Nothin' but cornfields aroon this joint.
Jim Swan
N/A Hi, I would just like to say that seeing the picture of the finnieston crane brought back some memories as my father used to operate it when he worked for the clyde navigational trust, also I am looking for information on Castlemilk can you help.
Helen Havlin O'Reilly 


I was born at 8 Ross Street, the Calton but moved to New York when 8 months old. Lived there until June '97 when I moved to Las Vegas with my husband and 3 Italo-Scots almost grown! My Uncle was Matt McGinn the folksinger.
Bill Craig


My name is Billy Craig . Born in Parkhall & grew up in Clober Estate (Milngavie) in the 40s, looking for old friends & Bob Campbell that was in the R.e.m.e. at 5inf. wksp. Germany in 1957-58.
Jimmy Campbell

The Madeleine Smith Case

My Web Site is devoted to the Madeleine Smith case and includes information on Madeleine's grandfather, David Hamilton, (the "father of Glasgow architecture").
Bill Alexander

Totally Scottish Experience

I am married to Anne a Glaswegian born and bred, Son Euan (17), Daughters Lyn(15) and Kirsty(9) I was born and bred in Clydesdale. I am so Scottish you can feel it over the Cyberwaves!!
John Neil
South Africa


I emigrated to South Africa in 1952, have recently retired from the Civil Service and would like to try to contact any of my family that may be "webbed". Some names and last known locations are: Eddie McGarvey, Clydebank. Jim Collins, Finneston. Daniel Boyle, Bearsden. George Boyle, Knightswood. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
Charlie Houston

Glaswegian Web Site

A returnee to Glasgow after travelling worldwide for the last 20 years.
Bill McIntosh
N/A Raised near Bridgeton Cross, like Mima my wife of almost 53 years. Lived on Muslin St. Mima, Orr St. Welived for a while in Ruby St. Acorss from the tram depot, next door to the steamie. Happy memories of dys long gone. A 'John Street Pup' worked in Rolls Royce during the War. Came to Canada in 1951, never regretted it. I'd love to hear from fellow Scots, anywhere, anytime. Varied interests. I'm an old guy, now, but I"ll always be "Young at Heart."
Susan Coler

Looking for info on James & Margaret (nee black) Gray, Married 29th Dec, 1922. Son James Gray born Nelson Street, Gorbals 25th June, 1932. Other children Harry and two girls?? Last known address Sandfaulds Street, Gorbals Glasgow. James left Glasgow in mid 1950 for London. Harry had wife Cathy and daughter Margaret. James Gray my father died 1992 in Ipswich, England. Any information please email Thank You

Alan Morton
South Africa
N/A Born in Glasgow, came out to South Africa in 1968. I have my own engineering business. I also do photography professionally. For more info please e-mail me.
Hugh McCaig
Glasgow Yankee I was born in Whiteinch and I moved to the USA in 1965. I live in Connecticut married to Hannah Speirs from Anniesland. Could anyone out there who might know of the whereabouts of Tony King or Duncan Cameron formerly of Anniesland,please drop me a wee e-mail to let me know where they live now......They're my "China's" from the 60's before I immigrated to the States. I'd also like to hear from anyone from Glasgow to compare lifestyles. Thanks, Hugh (Shug) McCaig.
Elizabeth-Anne Kukurs
N/A Born in Glasgow in 1949, lived in Milngavie till 1966 Moved to Berkshire. Came to Canada in '76
Gerry Duffy
N/A Born and raised in Sandyhills, attended St. Mungo's, moved to Toronto in 1969.
M Dunn
N/A I have a grand fascination for Northern British culture and I am searching for any info on such. If you can give me any info or just amusing factoids, e-mail me please.
Maureen Healy
N/A My father was from Greenock, my mother from Port Glasgow. I visited in 1983 to see the places I'd been told about. An old friend saw my previous listing and emailed me on July 9 and 10, 1998, but I din't get the message until 9/2 when I returned home to upstate New York. My return message to was returned as undeliverable. If Jim or Mary sees this, please reply. Maureen
Bernard Cowan
N/A I love Glasgow, I visit nearly every year and I want to hear from other people from glasgow.
John Wilson
Vancouver Scottish Home Page I was born in Househillwood came to Vancouver, Canada as a wee boy but as you can tell by my home page very proud of the place of my birth. "I belong to Glasgow"
David C. Speedie
N/A Born Stirling, but immediately gravitated to Glasgow (via Ibrox.) Graduated St. Andrews 1968, came to the States in 1971 on Kennedy Scholarship to Harvard, now lead a program at a large private foundation in New York founded by none other than the great Scot himself, Andrew Carnegie!
Donald Ross Pettigrew
N/A I am originally from Ayr. Came to Canada in 1954. If any recognizes me please write.
Billy Robb

I am a glasssandcarver from Easterhouse, Glasgow living in Kimberley,B.C. running my own buisiness in the Scottish crafts line

Born in Glasgow, lived most of my life in Easterhouse. Moved to Vancouver 20 years ago then moved to Kimberley BC 10 years ago. Would love to chat with anybody about growing up in No Mean City
Fleming Kyle
N/A I'm 50yrs. young. Was born in the Gorbals, married a girl from, Clydebank. I was 17 she was 16. Now have 4 kids and 5 grand kids. Now live in Toronto.
Roderick Cochrane
N/A I was born in Brig O Weir in 1944, but moved into Pollok when I was 2. Went to Langside Public School then onto Crookston Castle Secondary for one year before emigrating as a 13 year old to Canada in 1957.
Phil Spence
N/A Born in Kinning Park, worked in Fairfields, plus 500 other jobs worked for 10 years at Craigie Street police station. Now reside in Chicago.
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