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Margaret Goldberg
N/A Left Glasgow in 1962 - have lived in Philadelphia area ever since. Get home quite often, was there this past July. The auld city is looking very good.
N/A I am originaly from Israel and live in Glasgow, I love this place and can understand why this city would be called the friendly city on earth, it's expressingthe warm scottish welcome, the proud people and the beautiful tradition this nation has, would love to write to anyone who likes life, music, and the spirit of freedom :) this nation has.
Ron Dempsey
N/A I was born at Bellshill hospital in 1948. I grew up in Auchinairn, Bishopbriggs. School started in Coronation year in 1953 at Auchinairn Primary. Teachers were Misses Thompson (2 years) Mrs. MackInnon, Miss Jamieson, Miss Bowie. In 1958 our family emigrated to Canada. I am now 50 years old and I am pleased that I remember so many of my school pals. Tommy Buchanan, John Shepherd. Evelyn Brown, Irene Watson, Robert Baldwin, David MacMillan, Robert anmd John Lindsay (cousins), John and Dennis Bain, (twins), Ann and Jean Munro, (twins). Maureen Taylor, Jean Cowan, Jean Stark, William Kerr, Tom Faulds, Andy Gibson, Ann? Chamberlain, ? McCowan, Robert Fisher, Duncan MacLaren and others whose faces I can still see but names that escape me. I would love to hear from any them and how life has treated them. I would aslo love to hear from all the pals from "oor scheme" The Armstrongs, Wilsons, Carrigans, Macateers, Walkers, McKinstrys, Kerrs, McGraws. We all used to play in the cul de sac known Buchanan Crescent. we used to play "fitba, fifty hauf time, hunnard the game."
N/A I was born in Govan 1941, lived in 117 Craigmuir Rd moved to Corse Rd Penilee I went to St Georges primary school Then went to St Margarets Secondry Kinning Park until I came to Australia 1955 I would like to hear from anyone in Penilee or went to St Margarets.
N/A I live in Peterborough Ontario came here in 1966 and settled here 85kls from Toronto. would love too meet up with any other Glaswegian
Annie Loughlin
N/A I was born in Anderson 1942 moved to knightswood when I was 12. Now live with my hubby of 35 yrs in colo Springs Colo
Iain Anderson
New Zealand
N/A I was born in Robroyston Hospital in 1950, and grew up in Cardonald. I the mid 50's my family moved to Drumchapel. Went to Peel Glen School, Summerhill School also. Secondary School was Waverley, mostly at Knightwood, then for a short time in Drumchapel, from 61 to 65. We moved to Christchurch NZ then, and have been here since. If there any of my former school friends on the Web, I would like to hear from you.
N/A Hello! Fortunately, I do live in Glasgow. Well, Motherwell to be exact. Feel free to mail me with any queries or just for a chat
Alex Hamilton
N/A Born and brought up in Easterhouse. Left Westwood secondary school in 1981. Worked in the clothing industry for several years, then decided to go to Glasgow university. gained a BA Hons degree in social science then a masters in social work at Stirling University. Easterhouse was a great place to live and i have great memories of my time there. if anyone remembers me please e-mail.
Tam Ferrie
Homepage Born in Glasgow in 1971, moved out to Cumbernauld shortly afterwards, Went to St Marys primary, then Our Ladys high school. Moved to Aberdeen in 1989 ish. Now working for a gold and nickel mine in the Australian outback as a means of saving money to see the rest of Australia then head off either Home, the USA or Ireland.
Iain Alan Livingston
N/A Attended Knightswood School from 1954 through 1960. Spent 23 years in Royal Navy from 1962-1983 Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Primrose Finlay
N/A I was born in Nitshill, Glasgow. My maiden name is Primrose McCombe and I was known as Primmy. I attended Levern School and later Sir John Maxwells. I emigrated with my husband and two sons over 20 years ago. We all love Australia but get home sick now and again.
Margaret Spencer (nee Bradley)
N/A I was born in Glasgow, 1951 - at 291 Lawmoor Street in the Gorbals. Left Glasgow in 1959 and moved to Corby - due to the Steelworks there my Da was able to be gainfully employed. I remember a lot about the Gorbals (not a whole lot aboot the rest of Glasgow. I married a Yank and moved to the USA in 1973 when our first child was 1. I have a lot of memories about the Gorbals and, thanks to the Internet, I've been able to find out of print books authored by Glaswegians, primarily about the Gorbals and Glasgow. I've just finished reading a wonderful book, some of you may have read, if not, I recommend it for those who are just a wee bit haimsick! It's called "Looking for Peggy" by Meg Henderson. Full of humor, sadness and poverty. Many of us can relate to that, right I'd be happy to hear from anyone who'd like to "blether".
Elda Quinton (nee Mulrine)
N/A Born in 1945 at 165 Allander St, Possil. Moved in 1947 to Dennistoun, Craigmore St (think it was no.6)and went to Bluevale Primary School from 1950 - 53 when we moved to Ruchazie and I then went to Riddrie Primary. I then went to Whitehill Senior Secondary where I won the junior athletic championship in 1959. My name was unusual (Elda Mulrine) so perhaps some memories will be jogged. My brother John also went to Whitehill. Moved to Cumbernauld in 1966 and then emigrated to Australia in 1971. My family still live in Cumbernauld and I have visited many times over the years, the last time being in Aug/Sept this year. Now married to an Aussie whose gg/grandparents came from Glasgow.
Hilda Haverkamp (Nee Kerr)
N/A I was born and raised in Anderston, went to Finnieston School, then Woodside Came to the States in '71 and have lived here eversince. I am pretty new to the internet experience. Heard about this site from a friend I made on-line, and hope to make some new friends here too!!

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