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Robert Gillespie
South Australia
N/A My wife and I emigrated to Australia in 1964 and have lived in Adelaide since then. We are naturalised Australians although we still have a strong tie to Glasgow. We will be coming up North in December to bring in 2000 and are looking forward to meeting up with family and old friends. My wifes aunt will be 80 in December and we will help her celebrate. I am a collector of Triumph sports cars and am restoring a TR6 and a TR7. I would like to correspond with someone in the Knightswood area. Hoo Roo
Rob Gillespie.
James Donaldson Brown
N/A Born in Bellshill Hospital in 1953. Lived in no 6 Budhill Ave, Springboig (opp park and railway station)until 1958 when the family emigrated to Australia to live in Adelaide. Now living in Brisbane
Bryson Keenan
N/A Born in Paislie in 1959, "transported" to Australia by (with) my parents in 1964. Currently a Warrant Officer in the Australian Army. Looking for any of the Keenan family in Glasgow (relatives of my grandfather William Bryson (Bill) Keenan). My grandparents used to run "Ashleigh", where many a young lad stayed in Glasgow.
John McBride
N/A I am 68yrs old I`ve been in Australia since 1963 been to scotland in 1997 I came from Springburn (which isn`t there now I would like to contact a Jim Paterson from provanhill now possibly new Zealand ?
Frank Lynch
N/A I am an old salty sailor(41) who has returned to Glasgow from many years of defending the free world.It has been hard work working...... in some hot exotic countries.But to come home to this dear green place is so refreshing.The people and the Glasgow humour is unique...heart warming... it's great to be home.
Jim Dempsey
N/A I'm from Bishopbriggs and Auchinairn(woodhill road). Served part of my apprenticeship with Robert White and Son on Springburn Road. Came to Canada after my dad was killed in the coal mines in 1958. Settled in Niagara Falls with my mother and six of my brothers and sisters. Enjoy going 'home' to my roots and would love to hear from anyone interested in getting in touch. I am interested in treasure hunting(metal detecting)and am an avid soccer fan.
N/A Born in Greenock, Scotland in 1967, now living in Jacksonville, FL. Would like to hear from any and all Scots
Frank Reilly
N/A I was born in Pollokshaws moved to Priesthill then to Arden before 1955 went to St Vincent's Carnwadric St Robert's Priesthill Bellarmine Sec. Househillwood leaving school in 1963 lived at 20 Kilmuir Rd. Arden most of my childhood now residing in Waterloo Canada I am a government labour mediator. Married Eleanor Larkin of Queens Park , 4 children. I would love to hear from old friends. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sandy Banks who emigrated from Priesthill in 1954 to the United States?
Sally Finney
N/A I would be interested to fine anyone who knows Sally King (Finney) and my husband Jim Finney. We now reside in Canada, originally from Yoker and Partick. Would like to correspond with anyone who remembers us.
Gerald Mallon
N/A I was born in the Southern General in 1978, lived in Neilston, moved to Canada in 1983. I've been back about eight times, soon to be my ninth. My two best mates at the time were named Christopher, and David. I am not sure of their last names at this time but will find out. We all lived across the road together, on Glenfalloch Ave. The chances of getting in touch with either one is quite slim, but if you think you are the one I am looking for, then please email me. Cheers! I'm going back in August for my 21st birthday.
John Maureen &Darren Mclean
N/A Born in govan,[fairfield st.] moved to drumoyne [meiklewood rd.] came to canada in 1974
Joe Cairns
N/A I have lived in Toronto for 20 years almost as long as I lived in Glasgow.
Cathy McKay
N/A I was born in 1957 and lived most of my time in James St. Bridgeton. I went to Charlotte St school 1970-73 and went to work in McBrayne Haulage and then worked for William Hollins before emigrating to Christchurch NZ in 1979 Came to Perth West Australia in 1982 and have been here since. I married Frank McKay from Charles St. Royston in 1979 and we have 2 children (2 wee aussies) I would love to hear from anybody who may know me.
Alistair Roy
N/A Born 1957 brought up in the Gorbals,moved to cambuslang at age 10 lived there for about 2 years, then moved to Cathkin,spent my teen years there before leaving for Canada in 1975. Attended school at Cathkin High in the early 70's and would love to chat with anyone who knew me or lived in the area. Now living in Winnipeg Canada and still football daft.
Pam Horsburgh (Heath)
N/A Born in Airthie Castle on March 1945 lived in Clydebank until coming to Canada 1974 living in Lindsay Ontario for the last 25 years would like to get in touch with roddy mckenzie last heard of in Australia
Robert Milligan
N/A Born Glassgow, moved to Canada 1967 Still have family in Scotland but lost touch with old friends.
Gillian Milloy (nee Webster)
N/A Born in 1960 in Glasgow, moved with my family to Canada. Still have relatives living in the UK
Ronald Berry
N/A Born in Castle Rd Cathcart 1925. Married Edna Ralston in 1954. Emigrated to Australia in 1962. Five children. Edna died Dec 1998 from cancer. I was a member od NATSOPA and worked in most of the daily and evening papers. This is an up date from my previous page.

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