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Tony Arthurs
N/A From Clydebank. Couldn't find a job in Glasgow in 1989 and moved to Cambridgeshire in England (economic refugee as a result of Thatcherism?) Now in rural Wales but keeping in touch with Clydebank and Glasgow and Scotland.
Sam Davidson
Home Page Born in 1948 in Glasgow lived in Bridgeton (Dalmarnock) on Baltic Street moved to Castlemilk about 1957 moved to California 1980 I was in Glasgow 1999 for vacation. Had a great time. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me if they see my name. Also anyone can contact me at e-mail address or through my web page.
Sam Murphy
Home Page I was born in the Gorbals (Lawmoor St.) 1941, moved to Castlemilk when I was 14 and then to Canada in 1967. Attended John St Secondary school on Tullis St. I worked for a time for John Laird & Son (boxmakers in Bridgeton) Would like to hear from anyone from's been a long time.
John Kerr
N/A Born in Glasgow. 67 years old. Been in Canada 43 years. Get back to Glasgow often. Love it.
Nicki Gibbin
(nee Maclean)
N/A I would like to hear from any Macleans or relations of. Also anyone related to a Jimmy Elliont, son of Mary Maclean. I am obviously trying to trace my family tree.
John Greig
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1948. Moved to U.S. in 1950. Spent time in Bridgeton during the summer of 1957 became good friends with brothers Robert and Edwin McCabe, would love to hear from them or anyone else who lived there then. I was living on Green St. the McCabes were on Claythorn Pk.(I think). My mother, Ina McGill was from Bridgeton and worked at Templeton's before and during the war. My father Jack was from Springburn and worked in the shipyards. I was born on Woodlands Road near Kelvingrove Park. I last visited in 1995 although much of what I remembered from 1957 was gone, what remained was gorgeous, looked newer than it did 40 years ago. Hope to hear from someone.
Paul Tonks
N/A I was born in Dennistoun (Duke Street) in the heart of the city's East End. Most of my relations live in the city's East End: Craigend, Easterhouse, Riddrie etc. My parents moved to Berkshire, which is where I stay when I am back in Britain but I get up to Glasgow a fair bit. I am doing a PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and I have a great interest in Scottish history (particularly the 17th and 18th Centuries, especially links with Ireland and America). I would very much like to endup teaching back in Scotland, especially in the Glasgow area. I am a big fan of the national football and rugby teams. I would love to hear from people into Scottish folk music - especially if they know of any good places to go to in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area.
Eddie Small
Perth Western Australia
N/A Born in Greenock in 1937. Attended Belville Place and Greenock High Schools and emigrated to Perth WA with my parents in 1953. Would like hear from anybody in or from Greenock.
Charlie Bell
N/A Moved to australia in 1967 from blackhill glasgow and attended st philomenas then moved up in the world to the candy roch (st rochs).married a girl from easterhouse from torran rd, have 2 grown up weans, still follow the celtic with a passion. been hame a couple of times and still love the place.any crack on blackhill, provanmill,garngad,or the famous glasgow celtic would be welcome, also easterhouse,the wifes name was margaret gannon and her da had a wee shopping van in torran road. aw the best from oz."MAKE MINE A TREBLE"
Jimmy&Mary Jones
Perth W Australia
N/A Hi my name is Jimmy Jones I originally come from Larkhall (larkie).Mary and I came to Australia in 1965.I used to work in Coopers shop in St Enochs Sq well actually just off the square in Howard Street as a butcher (do you miss the sliced sausages too?). Anyway for the last 20 odd years I have been driving a taxi around Perth wa A SUMTIMES GET TIRED AND WEARY BIT HIV TAE CERRY OON AND WID LIKE TAE TOK TAE MA AIN FOLK. SO if any of you would like a wee blether I would like to hear from you.
John Connolly
N/A I have been in Canada since 1966,came from Garngad,attended St Rochs born 1946,also lived in Provanmill and would like to hear from any old school mates,left school in 1961
Chris Forbes
N/A I was born in Kinning Park Glasgow attended St. Margaret's school Stanley Street. Lived in East Kilbride for 6 years before moving to Canada in 1967. Hello out there, would love to hear from you if you recognise any of these places
Jim Laird
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1953.I went to Camden Street Primary & Croftfoot Primary & Kings Park Secondary. We emigrated to Canada in 1968 when I was 14. I now have 3 kids of my own and live in Brampton, just west of Toronto.
Donald MacAlister
N/A I was born at Kingsland Drive in Cardonald but moved to Arran right away. I now live in Canada but visit frequently. I love to go to Glasgow as it is the most friendly city I have ever been in.
Ellen Catherine Cram (nee Kelly)
N/A Born in 1956 in Ballater Street, The Gorbals, moved to Castlemilk in 1958, Stayed in Castlemilk till moved to Australia in 1981. Currently working in the hospitality trade, married to an Australian whose parents are Scots.
Dorothy Helen Smith
N/A I was born in Shettleston, Glasgow and went to Eastbank Academy. Studied several years at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, learned piano and have later taken up flute. Flew to Winnipeg, Manitoba in July 1956, moved to Calgary and subsequently Vancouver, British Columbia where I met my husband of 33 years. Have a son 28 and a daughter 25. Have had 3 dogs, presently dogless. Do Scottish Country Dancing. Presently executive secretary for international financial consultant, Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Have played in a band and flute choir, presently not involved in music, but always have my hands on the piano keys - when my husband has a wee yen to write a report. He's a planner. So if you have a yen to connect, be my guest. I was back in Scotland in 1993, visiting Glasgow, Sky, Inverness, London and West Wickham where my brother and his family live.
Rev. Craig D. Middlemas-Spencer
Home Page An adopted Scot and Glaswegian, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but raised and shaped in the Glasgow area, I am currently studying for a Masters in Theology at Oxford University. I am trained with the Church of Scotland and served at three Glasgow churches as student assistant minister. I have an American wife and will soon be heading out over the ocean so I am keen to maintain contact with as many Glaswegians or adopted Glaswegians as possible.
Louise McCosh
New Zealand
Home Page Born in Viewmount Drive, Maryhill. Moved to New Zealand with my parents at the age of nine. Would love to get in touch with any of my relatives on the net. Would love to hear from any one from Glasgow.
Sandi & Billie Aitken
N/A Born & educated in Glasgow. Came to Canada mid 1960 & have lived here ever since - primarily in Calgary, "The Stampede City" Still get homesick & will always belong to Glasgow
Sandy P
N/A I am the daughter of a Glaswegian, I am very proud of her heritage and would like to know more about it. I sure woundn't mind going there. All that greenerie "wow'. I sell tropical plants for a living. My mother is 80 born in beautiful Glasgow, and now teaches line dancing.
Betty MacAulay
N/A I was born in Glasgow and I lived at no-8 Bedford St. My father played mandolin and my mother was a singer from Edinburgh My brother Jackie Shields appeared in the Metropole Theater and I also danced there.

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