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Archibald Seaton
N/A I was born in Parkhead and raised in Shettleston went to wellshot Rd school.migrated to America in 1937.
Barrie Lemay Henderson
N/A Went to Hyndland Secondary School until 1948 - then emigrated to Canada then off to other parts of the world including USA and Hong Kong. Went searching on the Web to find my Art Teacher at Hyndland - her name was Miss Hamilton and blundered into this web-page.
John McGoran
N/A Hi, Im John - born in Carnwadric in 1938 and attended St Vincents and Holyrood schools. Served in the RAF from 1957 to 1970 then moved to Australia in May 1960. Keen to contact anyone who knew me then. Also big fitba' fan.
Morag Duff (nee Fraser)
N/A Hi, I was born in,Annadale st,Glasgow,Scotland in 1959,moved to Canada in 1973 with my mum & 2 younger brothers & 1 younger sister,still have 2 older sisters still living in Glasgow.we lived in the Gallowgate for a few years then moved to Barlanark,went to Barlanark primary school & Cranhill Secondary school.mum worked on the corparation buses & part time at the "ROB ROY " pup.loved shopping at the Barrers,The one (1) thing i miss most is the "CHIPPI SHOP",I would love a Black pudding supper..So if any one would like to email me please do..would love to remanise.Ta Ta for now,Moe.
Joe Walker
N/A I am 71 years of age ,I was brought up in Crown street glasgow, between Rutherglen rd and Ballater st. I went to St Lukes .and then St Bonaventures . I married a beautifull girl by the name Shiela Hanley . We came to Canada, in 1964 ,and have stayed here since . I have three children Jean. Josephine. and a son Charles. Hope to hear from some of my friends or relatives.
Phyllis Postman (nee Comline)
N/A Was born in Glasgow 1943 and lived at the corner of Cathcart Road and Aikenhead Road. Attended Cuthbertson Street School and Bogey. Later attended Langside College for one year. Married an American (Bob) stationed at Prestwick and moved to the states in 1966. We are now living in California. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Used to go to the 306 club. Still have the red hair and freckles.......
Catherine Smith (nee Aitken)
N/A I am from Balornock/Auchinairn went to Balornock School. Left in 1959 an living in New York. Would love to hear from Irene White (nee Stevenson) emigrated to Canada I believe.
Fiona (Mitchell) Gilmour
Scotland (Isle of Arran)
N/A I am looking for JOEY GILLILAND from drumchaple glasgow. left here at least 15 years ago with his new family to go to australia. sisiter called annemarie mum called sadie I MISS YOU CUZ NOT MENY OF US LEFT call soon let us know how you are. kenny not too good would love to speak to you again
Jean Price (nee Duncan)
South Africa
N/A I was born in Glasgow at the Southern General Hospital, during the war my Mother and I lived at 10 Greenhaugh St, and I attended Harmony Row Primary School. We emigrated to Africa in 1952. I have two children Darryl my daughter who is 35 and is a Medical Doctor and Matthew my son who is 15 and still at school. Both my children consider themselves Scottish although they have a South African Father. I live in Oakdene in Johannesburg, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was Jean Duncan am now Jean Prince. My Mother's family name was Keltie, Alec & Jeannie with John, Robert George, Jean (Bunty) Margaret and Effie. My Father's Family were Duncan, Robert & Margaret with John, Robert, Chrissie and Margaret, Are there any relatives out there?
Mike Ligethy & Joan Devoy
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1960, my wife Joan was born in Rutherglen in 1959. I attended Barrhead High School between 1972 & 1977, I then went onto the James Watt College in Greenock while working for IBM for 3 years. I later joined National Semiconductors and worked for them for 5 years. My wife and I left Scotland in 1985 and worked in various countries in Europe before emigrating to Sydney, Australia in 1989. We live in Sunny Queensland and although we love it here, we still both miss Glasgow, especially our family and friends. We would both love to hear from anyone who knew us. We would also welcome any e-mails from any ex-Glasweegans living in Australia, especially in Brisbane and perhaps we can get together some day for a "barbie" and talk about good old Glasgow. Here's to you all.
Angus Ross ( known as Ingy to some)
N/A I was born (1936) & bred in Moorpark Square, Renfrew. I attended Renfrew High school from 1948 to 1951. I would like to hear from anyone who served with the British army R.A.O.C. in limassol Cyprus 1955 to 1956 (old unit) attached to 51 Ind Inf brgd REME Limassol Cyprus BFPO 53. I emigrated to Toronto in 1972, then moved on to Montreal for a few years before settling here in Saint John New Brunswick. I will look forward to hearing from any one who remembers me.
Robert MacIntyre
N/A Born 1959, attended Elder Park Primary School in Linthouse then went on to Govan High School.
Started work at John McNeil & Sons (what a place! Rab Nesbit hisnae got a look in!)Then went off to work at Ailsa Trucks as a mechanic.
Evantually the travel bug got me and I ended up in Australia in 1980 and more or less been here ever since. Would love to hear from anybody from the Linthouse area that may remember me.
Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Monica Mudge (nee Scott)
N/A I was born in Maryhill in 1944. My mother was Annie McGoldrick and my father Tom Scott. I emigrated to Canada in 1969 with my husband, Barry. I would like to contact anyone who attended Garnethill Convent between 1957 and 1962 - remeber Miss Philbin?
Tommy Banks
N/A Born in Stobhill Hospital 40 years ago yesterday, I first lived at Ripon Drive, not far from Anniesland, where I later learned to drive (good old BSM - thanks Rene). We then lived at 76 Sprinboig Road in a house called Hunthill, where my younger brother Jim was born. Went briefly to Budhill Primary School (sadly since demloished) before my father's job took us to Hong Kong, where I lived until 1989. Dad (Jimmy) was with the GPO, as my grandfather (also Tommy) before him. Have many relatives on my father's side active in the Caledonian Society in the LA area.
Andrew Steele
N/A Andra steele from springbank st. would love to hear from anyone who knows of james Craig who lived with my grandmother at 74 northpark st before going to australia.Also anyone from the area or who worked for pickerings lifts or expresss elevator in the50s-60s
Chris Murray
Special Administrative Region , China
N/A I was brought up in Glasgow ( Maryhill) schooled in Castlemilk. I have many fond memories of the place.I have been living in China for some time , my wife is Chinese and we have two children , Duncan (the name has the same phonetic sound as a Chinese name ! So , it's both Scottish and Chinese ! ) age 16 years and Emily aged 13 years. I am retiring from teaching this Summer and we will live in Celtic France - Britanny (Bretagne).
Eddie Doyle
N/A I was born and bred in the garscube road went to the columbas i now live in high maryhill i have been a glasgow taxi driver for 25 years i will be glad to give any info about glesga past and present also if you come on holiday i can give you a personal tour in my taxi
Eddie Doyle
N/A Looking for anyone with surname of st. hilaire who came from ruchill in glasgow left there in 1980s there fathers name was errol and mothers catherine. maybe there is someone who would have heard of them or may know there whereabouts

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