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James D. S. Inglis
N/A I was born 9th August 1944 2066 Dumbarton Rd. Glasgow. Served 5 year apprenticeship as a Shipwright at Yarrows then came over to U.S.A. Nov. 1965, still miss Scotland, Glasgow, and Yoker, the old Govan ferry, the Renfrew ferry, and Glasgow Rangers.
Alison Monroe (Norman)
N/A Hello My name is Alison I am from Greenock. I would love to hear from anyone. I love to keep in contact. I have been in the states for 10 years now. Feel free to drop me a line.
Erin Kane
N/A My father, Joe Kane, was born in Govan in 1927; left in the 50's for Australia, Alaska, Saskatchewan, and finally, San Francisco. Kanes still in Glasgow, in Whiteinch, Milngavie, Pollock. My grandfather, Francis Kane, born in the Calton to Irish! parents. I've been to Glasgow many times over the years and LOVE it and its people. Last there in July '97. Would love to hear stories from the era of my father's childhood.
Betty Park
nee Keith

N/A I was born in Maryhill, at 26 Kelvinside Avenue.. my name was Betty Keith Now Betty Park living in California..We left Glasgow in Dec. '51 and went to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and after I married I moved to California in Nov. '62.. I went t! o dunard Street Primary school and North Kelvinside High so anyone out there that went to NK at that time, and possibly knew me or my cousins Sandy Keith, Margaret Russell Bill Russell or Andrew Russell.... my sister was Rita Keith anyone remember?? I am in Contact with Fiona "Sharp" Warren who still lives in Summerston... would love to hear from anyone who was there at the time.... or played with me on the street... Margaret McNichol, was accross the street but I'd really have to think... I have the Old Timers disease I think... just kidding... Hope to hear from any of those that cares to write... Betty
Mary E. McKellar
N/A Hello out there. Are there any other McKellar's out there. I lived in Glasgow, in the '40's as a child, on Scotia St. and Garnet Lane, and went to Garnet Lane School. My grandfather was James Fordyce, who lived also on garnet lane. Let me hear f rom any one who recognizes the information. Migrated in 1950. Father was Charles McKellar, and he was a boxer. Looking forward to an answer.
Effie Ioannides
N/A I was born in Glasgow, moved to Skye, and spent the first six years of my life there. My mums folks are from there and my dads from Plocton. I lived in Netherlee in Glasgow. I did my nurses training in the Western in Glasgow. Married a Greek doctor and now live in Cyprus. I go home often, still miss and love Glasgow.
Kirk Hutton
N/A Parents from Glasgow. My mother, for years, kept in contact with her aunt, Elizabeth Mckendrick. She resided on George St. 1960 contact was lost. Mail was not returned, just never had word from her again. Anybody remember her? She had a brother, George, he lived, last she heard, in Paisley. Any help very much appreceated. I've been to Glasgow,s the Grrs play. What a city. Going back in 99. Hope to see you all there!
Bill Powell
N/A Born in the Southern General, I was raised partly in Oatlands and went to Woolsley St. School. Moved to Pollock (Ra Bundy) and attended Sir John Maxwell school in the Shaws. Worked with the "Corpy" as a joiner before coming to Canada in 67.
Dave Hill
N/A Hello there my name is Dave Hill. I was born in Anderston in 1951, then moved to Easterhouse in 1958 and would love to hear from anyone who lived there at that time I WENT TO WESTWOOD SECONDARY
Duke Drennan
N/A Born in Provanmill on 1948, went to Whitehill School.Moved to Canada in 1981 & then to Orlando Florida in 1992.
Peter McCormack Smith
N/A Born Dennistoun Glasgow 1938 served 5yr apprentiship/carpenter at Samuel A Gratton's in McFarland St off the Gallowgate right across the street from the "Barrowland Ballroom" and the barra's. I know you will remember the wee hole-in-wall newsagent and sweetie shop right on the corner? you know right across from the wee whelk and mussle shop. Anyway after my apprentiship was completed HRM had me in the army for 2yr. 1st Battalion Royal Scots 59/61 I loved it. Moved to Irvine Ayrshire for a couple of years then moved to California 1964 via Calgary Alberta for 6 months first (too much snow) so I have lived in the souther part of California since 1965. By the way my "wee mammy" still lives in Easterhouse right on the corner of Edinburgh Rd. right by Smylie's garage. So for any of you Jock Lads out there ge'is a bell on the old E mail
Gordon McGaw
Homepage Well here i um again an earlier typo for ma home page screwed evryone around so now its updated yoo huv nae excuse tae check it oot . You will find lots of Glasgow prints scanned so browse thru and if u recognise any E mail me and I'll gladly send you a copy FREE of charge Enjoy the patter jokes and pics be ready foor updates , sign the guest book and lets be pals thanks Gordon(Eejit)
Arthur Mc Guigan
N/A Born in Glasgow in 1944 Lived in Springboig, Tynecastle St. Left for the USA Chicago in 1963
Andrew Steele
N/A Born Springbank St 1939 Worked for Express Elevators And Pickerings lifts. Would love to hear from anyone who lived there or who worked for any of the companies. Now live in Ottawa Canada. My name is Andy Steele. If anyone knows Jim Brady of Thistle St Gorbals I would like to hear from him or of him. Drop me a line I'd love to hear from you all.
Margaret Hadden Robinson
N/A Born in Glasgow in 1922. Lived at 4 Moses Field Street. Married David Robinson US Army Air Corp in 1944 and moved to Texas, USA. Returned to Glasgow for the first time in 1967 and discovered that the houses on Moses Field Street had been torn down and replaced with apartment complexes. Have since returned to Glasgow several times and spent a month last summer at Millport where my family used to vacation as a child.
Frank Mc Caig
Francies Scottish Humour I was born in Whiteinch Glasgow in 1930 to the parents of Charlie and Mary Mc Caig. I served an apprenticeship in Fawkes and Sorbies, also a Whiteinch company. During this time I met my wife to be, Margaret Tedford, also born in Whiteinch. In the year of 1961 I was conscripted to the RAF, and was sent overseas to Egypt, in 1O9 M.U. RAF Abyad. Came home to my old job then moved to Rolls Royce, in Hillington. From here I was transfered to Rolls Royce in Hamilton. As life moved on I emigrated to USA, in 1965. This did not work out too well, as I became very ill shortly after. Returning home, I got a job with RR in East Kilbride where I lived for 3 years. In 1968 I decided to try USA again, this time with my wife and 3 children. As you can see I have been here for 3O years and never looked back. We have been home on holiday several times and we enjoy roaming around the country of our birth. As a matter of fact we have seen more of Scotland, than we had ever seen when we lived there; I still huv ma Glesswegian accent an' ah wull never gie it up. I find that people over here are fascinated by it. They cannie unnerstaun haulf o' whit ah'm talkin' aboot. Well ah've goat bye a' these years an' ah'm stll gaun. Naeborra Drop me a line an' I'll get back tae yese when ever ah' can.

Update: I am a true Glesswegian, full o' fun, an' a wee bit o' a poet.My home page wil verify this, and I have recieved hundreds of letters from all over the world, congratulating me on my page which contains good old Glasgow patter,and is mainly written in the Glasgow dialect. I have also written, several poems of my own, appertaining to Glasgow, and my youth. Check it out, and enjoy yoursel's

It contains good clean fun for all ages, absolutely no porn..Plenty of Glesswegian jokes, and a lot of nostalgia, from when Iwas a small boy. Please brows thro'. Thank you sincerely, Frank Mc Caig, "Francie".


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