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Iain Martin
United Arab Emirates
N/A Hullawther! I'm from a wee place just east of Glasgow called Bargeddie and would like to hear from anyone out there who knows the place. I was born in '62 and went to Bargeddie Primary then Coatbridge High.
Tommy Mcleod
N/A Came from kingsland cres. in in canada since 1962. like to hear from anyone from thereabouts.
Irene Gardner
N/A My twin sister Jean and I were born in Parkhead in 1928. Went to Newlands and Riverside, survived the Blitz and, after the War, went to England to work and go to college. We both came to America in 1949, married Americans and each raised five children. Jean is a child development specialist; I'm a retired journalist, now living in Paradise aka Florida.
So many of our classmates emigrated to Australia and New Zealand.I'd love to hear from any of them. Or from anyone who just wants to reminisce about growing up in Glasgow.
Bob Letham
N/A Born Shepherd St, Springburn in 1926. Saracen St School, then Possil High. Shaw& McInnes Foundry. Royal Navy 1943-46 (minesweepers) Telegraphist. Married 1952 toRuby Lanigan Emigrated to Toronto Canada in 1953.To California 1967. Now retired and having a difficult time with golf.
Alan W.M. Brown
N/A Born in Glasgow Feb. 59. Moved to Canada in 1967. Before we moved, I was attending Westercledense(?) school in Bishopbriggs. Currently living & working in Niagara Falls. My whole family are still involved in Badminton in our area, my 3 daughters are all playing football (soccer) as well as Badminton. I am also involved in SCUBA Diving. Would like to here from long lost cousins, as well as people with similar interests.
Mary Peterson
N/A My maiden name is Mary Forsyth. I had one brother (John) and 5 sisters (Rosie, Gracie, Lizzie, Isa, and Alice). I was born in Finnieston in 1943. I went to Finnieston Primery 1947-1950. I went to Kent Road Senior Secondary School between 1950 -1953. In 1952 I moved to Abbotsford Place in the Gorbals and stayed there until 1963. Then I married and came to America. So I'd like to blether with anybody who lived in that area.
Steve Paterson
N/A I was born in Glasgow 1961 and attended Kelvinside Academy I now live in Windsor Berks and would like to hear from any old pals from the wee smoke.
Linda Cairns
N/A I left Glasgow in '79. Byres Road was my home. I miss friends I made and kids I went to school with at Hyndland Senior Secondary. As I get older I want to know what is happening to those people. If anyone has an interest in hooking up I would be happy to chat.
Ella McFarland
N/A Anyone from Townhead out there? Born in '47 & lived on McAuslan Street. Maiden name was Stewart. Attended the Barony primary school & Glasgow City Public Secondary. My dad was a bus driver for the Glasgow Corporation.I came to the USA Nov. of '63, now live in Virginia Beach.I have 3 cousins who live in Paisley but lost touch with my 6 Stewart cousins in '63. Planning another trip to Glasgow in September. Would be happy to correspond with other Glaswegians wherever they live.
Dale C. Muckey
N/A I was stationed in the Holy Loch from `89-`92 when we shut the place down. I made many friends in Dunoon as well as Glasgow and environs. My friends, the Paisleys of Knightswood, were affectionately as the BOK, (Bampots of Knightswood) Karen married Toni and they live in Mosspark. Willie left us the day after his 50th birthday, God bless his soul. Joan and Neil were still on Friarscourt last I heard. Wee Jack was born to Karen & Tones and his hair is red as fire, that's from Mimsi I'm thinking. I'm still in the Navy and stationed in Sardinia. My pals Mick, Rob and Lenny from ach aye Dunoon are missed as well as the rest of the gang, wee Bobby, Sadie, Big George, Lindsey, I pray your all well. I hope to get back up your way soon. I'll be on the high road to Oban out past Lomondside then north to Fort William. Ciao for now.
Gary MacGregor
N/A I was born in Stobhill hospital, Milton in 1969, stayed in Springburn before moving to East Kilbride where i went to school and grew up. When I was 16 I left school and joined the army and unfortunately havent lived in Scotland since Anyone fancy a blether or whatever, send me an email. Awrra best !!
Peggy Kinloch
N/A I was born and raised in glasgow (balornock) I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters my father was a station master in the glasgow subway . I have been in usa since 1966 I came as a nanny .Looking for friend who came in 66 as nannies or other people called kinloch
Kathleen McCurley
N/A Hi,I am looking for anyone who went to St.Augustine's school in Lambhill, Glasgow in 1956-1961,I stayed across the street in Ashdene Street.I then moved to Bellahouston and went to Lourdes Primary and Secondary school till 1967.I also have three brothers,James,Edward,and Gerald.So if anyone thinks they know me drop me a line.
Tommy Banks
N/A Born in Stobhill Hospital 40 years ago yesterday, I first lived at Ripon Drive, not far from Anniesland, where I later learned to drive (good old BSM - thanks Rene). We then lived at 76 Sprinboig Road in a house called Hunthill, where my younger brother Jim was born. Went briefly to Budhill Primary School (sadly since demolished) before my father's job took us to Hong Kong, where I lived until 1989. Dad (Jimmy) was with the GPO, as my grandfather (also Tommy) before him. We used to come back every couple of years for a few months holiday, and stayed with our Aunt and Uncle in Bearsden, where I briefly went to school. I have many relatives on my father's side in the LA area.
Fay Hannah (nee Kennedy)
N/A Iwas born in 1944 I grew up in Priesthill 1950 went to Househillwood, Gowanbank, Shawlands Academy. Left the fair city in63 and have been in OZ Perth WA. Would love to hear from anyone from the old place friends, relatives. My family name was Kennedy. All the Best, Fay
Laurence McGowan, aka Laurie or Lorry
N/A Born in Glesca, 1956. My dad was a Merchant Marine Officer, so he traveled all over the world. He decided, when we, my older brother and I, that we must move into the world, and make our life. When I was two years auld it was Africa. NO GO! When I was Five. it was Australia, that was not OK with the family either. My dad tried his best to convince my family that we could do beter elsewhere, he won. We came to the States in 1969, and have been here ever since, 30 years this year.
We are from Penilee, Glasgow. My fathers family is the McGowans of Peneld Rd. My mothers family were the Correls of Inkerman Rd, then, 66 Ranfurley Rd. where I was born, and went to St. Georges Primary. We moved to Dormandside Rd in Pollok, in 67, and I went to Braidcraft or St. Convals. Whatever your choice was then.
Gordon Bell
N/A Born and bred in Irvine Scotland for 26 yrs. Moved to America 4 yrs ago. My wife is from Alabama.
N/A Hi, I am a 29 year old single mother. I am currently living in the US and I am attending University. I would love to hear from some people from Glasgow. I have been away from Glasgow for 7 years but got home for lots of visits. Unfortunately, I haven't been home for the last two years and I am very homesick. I lived most my life in Springburn and I can't believe how much it has changed.

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