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Fred Hibbert
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1950. I grew up in Easterhouse. After teacher training I moved to the Highlands before migrating to Australia in 1988. Would like to email old friends and people from Easterhouse.
Linda Cairns
N/A I am wishing to chat with anyone that lived in West End, attended Hyndland Senior Secondary (68-72). Attended Gartnavel General or hung out at "The Aragon" Byres Rd around 74-78. I miss chatting with friends from my past.
Chris ' Ziggy' Spilarewicz
N/A I was born east wemyss fife. iam 52 year old came to australia 1968 played football with raith rovers worked as an electrician in the coalmines. married to ann daley from glasgow have three children love scotland and its people
Maureen Winestone (nee Brady)
N/A My name is Maureen (nee Brady)I was born in Crosshill in 1945,I went to Holy Cross Primary School then Holyrood secondary school,if there is anyone who knows me,I would love to hear from you.
Avril McInally
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1965. Went to Springfield Elementary School and lived in Dalmarnock. I have a sister named Anslie and a brother named Richard. Would like to hear from any of my old friends or schoolmates. I'm from Dalmarnock and now reside in Ohio.
David Blain
N/A Born 1930 lived at 1509 Dumbarton Rd.& moved to 5 Avenel Rd. Knightswood Evacuated to Corrimony Castle (any of you out there ? Worked in Shipyards Building Landing Craft Tank- Laid off a.m. June 6th.1944 <still wondering why?> Was working trimming the boilers on ships. Feb 2 48 Put my piece in lunch pail,kissed ma goodbye,and Feb.18 48 taken off the S.S.Wabana at Louisburg,N.S. wearing a pair of state of the art "Mountie" handcuffs,as a stowaway. (My Calling up papers came in the front door, Rabbie said N.F.An E.K best advise Mr.Burns ever gave. But as I had 3 young brothers who would get the same invitation,i had to set an example. So Aug.6/1950 joined Cdn.Army Served with 2nd. Bn. Royal Canadian Regiment,Korea 51-52 Serving 5 Years. Out of army I worked for C.N.Rail in Montreal, P.Q. for 29 Years.Took Pension in 89 and now live in B.C.outside Vancouver. But yince a keelie,aye a keelie. And still love it when plane lands in Scotland. Dads folks were from Ballantrae. Also had an Aunt Govan who had a sweet shop in Govam back in the 1930s. But visiting her was good for us, she made sure we would not get a sweet tooth. But as a type 11 I do appreciate now,what wss in retrospect,her kindness. Thanks for This web page. ** would appreciate it very much if someone could E-Mail the words for Ahll tak ye intae Glesca in ma soor milk cairt. Also is there a C.D.or cassette available ? thank you.
Jimmy Armstrong
N/A I was born in ayr.moved to glesga when i was 4yrs old .lived in shawlands cross . went to st convel in the shaws. then hollyrood sen sec. then left to come to ausralia. have been back afew time .and still call glesga home.
Irene Casley
N/A I am 59 years old, work as a Quality Control inspector. Mother was born in Glasgow, I am involved in Geneology research in Scotland and Cornwall,. I would like to hear from anyone with a Baxter or McCracken last name.
Sheila McCormack
N/A Maiden name McCormack, married name Knox. Attended Wolseley Street school(1957-63), then Calder Street school(1963-67), Queen's Park Sec (1967-68. Lived in Logan St, Oatlands. Later lived in Bogany Terrace and Dugrie Place, Castlemilk. Have resided in Vancouver, Canada since 1973. Visited Glasow in 1998, it had been 19 years since my previous visit. It was an awesome experience. The people are absolutely magic! Hope to hear from anyone out there in cyberspace who may have known me.
Ken Johnson
N/A My grandparents, William S. WILSON and Margaret STEVENSON Wilson were born in Motherwell, lived in Glasgow working at a brewery, migrated to Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, where my mother was born (1915) then to Detroit, Michigan, USA. I am seeking distant relatives that are still in Scotland.
Alex Todd
N/A I was born in Bridgeton (Madras St.) 50 years ago (1949), and we moved around a, not because the provvy was after us! LOL. We just did. I lived in Milton until I was about 5, then moved to Doncaster, England. We moved back to Scotland when I was 9, and lived in Partick (Sawmill Rd). Then we went back to Bridgeton, for another year or so, then moved Drumchapel (Drummore Rd), and finally to Knightswood (Moorehouse Ave.). Needless to say, I attended quite a few schools...none for any length of time. Certainly not long enough to establish any long time friendships. I have trouble now even remembering any names from those days. In Partick, I went to Balshagary for about 6 months, in Bridgeton...John St. for about a year. While we were in Drumchapel I went to Waverly in Knightswood. I left there in 1964 before they moved the school to Drumchapel. I went to work at Singer in Clydebank, and was in the diecasting department for most of my stay there. I moved to Canada in January 1971, to Toronto. I worked for a pharmaceutical company where I met my wife (of now 25 years). We moved up to Lakefield, about 80 miles north east of Toronto in 1981 to take over her parents house when it got too big for them. Lakefield is where Prince Andrew went to school when he was in Canada. I got a job with Chesebrough-Ponds in Peterborough, and am still there. They were purchased by the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever in 1986, and our name was changed to Thomas J. Lipton....a good Scottish company Well, enough about me, if anybody remembers me, I'd love to hear from you.
Lindsay Mortimer Hovind
N/A I'm formerly from Kilsyth. Moved to Edinburgh in 1977 then to Dunoon in 1981 where I met and married my husband, Chris, from Wisconsin. I have lived in the States for 12 years. I get home usually every other year and have family visit often. In fact they (10 family and friends) just left a few days ago (it was great) and my accent is as thick as ever. I forgot how often I used to drink tea!!!!!!!! I would love to hear from anyone that new me from Dunoon, Edinburgh, Kilsyth.
Shonagh McGinn
N/A I left Rutherglen 10 years ago to work in Spain and I still miss the patter. I'm Helen Moore's cousin (see her entry on Page 1).
Ken Buchanan
N/A I am 41 years old I am trying to trace various people from St Collumbkilles Rutherglen. My first year of school was February 1963 and I now have the photo that was printed in the Rutherglen Reformer. Anybody that wants to get in touch please do.
Maureen Healy
N/A I live in upstate New York. My mother, Selina McAlonan was from Port Glasgow, and my father, Thomas Bryceland, was from Greenock. My husband, Tom Healy, is from Clydebank. Am trying to locate Elsa McAlonan of Anderson Quay.
Winnie Brown Macfarlane
N/A I was born in Glasow and lived there till 1979. I am looking for any info on the budgeon which was in the garngad area. I lived in Cranhill most of my younger life and attended cranhill secondary school left in 1963 I also lived in dennistoun
Paula Carroll-Peacock
N/A In the mid 60's I had a pen pal from Bridgeton named Elizabeth Casey. Her address was 69 Reid Street. My last letter to Elizabeth was returned to me with no forwarding address. I never heard from her again and I have always wondered if she is ok. I would love to hear from her again.
Jim Brogan
  My name is Jim Brogan, and I was born in Glasgow in 1950. I lived on Alexandra Parade (No 678, opposite the park gates) with my parents Bob and Betty (both now deceased)and my brother Robert (now in Canada) and sister Elizabeth. I went to Alexandra Parade Primary School. We moved to Easterhouse (Provanhall part, Balfluig St, number 19) when I was eight. I first went to Provanhall Primary School then on to Garthamlock Secondary School from 1962 to 1968, followed by Strathclyde University. I then lived on Duke St. (No. 314) for three years before moving to Rotherham, South Yorkshire to work in the steel industry. Been here ever since (but I'll never be an Englishman, too proud of my accent and background). I get to see my sister (now in Paisley) occasionally but I seem to have lost touch with everything else in Glasgow (apart from the Rangers). It would be great to hear from anyone out there who remembers me or my family, or anyone who lived in the same places at the same time as myself, or went to school with me.

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