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Graeme L. Wright
N/A I was born and grew up in Dalmuir West, Durban av. Went to Clydebank High from 1972-76, immigrated to Canada in 1979. Would like to contact anyone who grew up in the same area or went to the same High School.
Joe Kearney
N/A I was born in Bellshill in 1958. I attended St.Bernards Sch in Shawhead, Coatbridge. In Dec '67 my family emigrated to Canada. I live in St.John's, Newfoundland, married with two sons and a daughter. I enjoy reading politics and history, photography, gardening and hiking.
Ann Standring
Veronica Fish (nee: McCambridge)
N/A Born in Glasgow. Emigrated to US in 1957 with my parents and siblings. I live in New York.
Estelle Bousche (nee: McCambridge)
N/A I was born in Glasgow and emigrated with my parents to US.
Margaret Power
N/A Born in Rottenrow Hospital in 1946, grew up in Sandyhills and attended Charlotte St. School until emigrating to Canada in 1961, lived in Kearny, N.J. for many years before moving to California in 1978. My parents were Tommy and Greta Power and I had an older brother named Jim Power. Anyone know these names-please email me, I would appreciate it.
Jackie Hunter
N/A Hi, I was born in Govan (Iona Street)in 1951, my maiden name is Gallacher. I attended St Saviours Junior Primary and then St.Gerards. I emigrated to Australia in 1972. Most of my family still live in and around Glasgow. I and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Lilias Kane
N/A Hi,I'm lilias,born and brought up in Anderston Glasgow.Have lived in Australia for 29yrs.Still miss Scotland and its to hear from Scots all over the world. Wha's like us.
Jimmy Armstrong
N/A I lived in hartstone rd. househillwood with my grand parent's at no.92 served my time as a plasterer with peter gallagher of barrhead . worked beside a slater called john miller a little irish guy who taught me most of the trade. would like to hear from any of the blokes who use to live in househillwood. alex dickie. john bird{clinton}hughie young. george murphy.john hill. john currie.they all use to live in hartstone rd.also benny kemp who was an apprentice with the same boss benny was into speed skating. and barney beattie.
Hugh Irwin
N/A I was born in Viewpark 1959. I went to St. Columba's, St John the baptist, St Joe's and Our Ladys High in Motherwell. Worked for 10 years in Ravenscraig Steel Works in Motherwell. Came to the United States in 89. Would like to hear from anyone that knows me or worked in Ravenscraig etc.
OH Pat Irwin on
page 32 is ma big bruver
Helen Scorgie
N/A Christopher Thomas Scorgie, where are you? Saw your post on page 34,but for some reason cant get an email to go.(think I have my settings wrong!)My late husband was Jim Scorgie,see post on page 12,)and we have computer printouts of Scorgies back to 1574,so when am offline will check and see if your family are listed. Please get in touch if you read this as am going to Scotland soon and will be doing some research on the family. I think my old email address may be in page 12,use the one I have now. Cheers Helen Scorgie
Margaret Power
N/A Raised in Sandyhills with older brother Jim Power. Parents were Tommy & Greta Power. Emigrated to Canada in 1961, and now live in California. Anyone know the name-shoot us an email...
Ricky & Jean Simmons
New Zealand
N/A Ricky born in Glasgow 1948. Jean (nee McLure) born in Kirkintilloch 1949. Settled in New Zealand 1974.
Peter Mitchell
N/A Born and bred in Kinning Park June 1940, attende OLSM primary school went on to St.Gerard's Govan. Served apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce Hillington. Lived at 240 Seaward St. until 17, came to Australia 1964, went to N.Z. '66 - '67 returned to Australia for couple of years. Went to Port Moresby PNG in "69, stayed there for 5 years returned to OZ been here ever since. Return "home" every couple of years, Seriously considering retiring to Scotland.
David Blain
N/A Would like to contact evacuees that lived in Corrimony Castle and then we moved to Blamacaan. Ian Sweeney (brother of Martha) are ye oot there ??
Julianne Greechan Ferns
N/A Hi, i am originally from lennoxtown,,went to st.ninians,kirkintilloch,1952-1956,anyone out therewho went to school at same time , i am now in usa.
Isabel McMorran
N/A I am a glaswegian eastender.i come from a very large famiy.they still reside there.i live in chicago i go home every that city.grandparents were geordie and bella mcnee.if there is any glaswegian out there who knew my family i would love to hear from you.izzy
N/A I'm looking for any information on Russells in the Glasgow area....Dennistoun actually. I'm sure my uncle and his family are still there. They lived near Duke St. I would love to here from anyone with knowledge of Dennistoun. My grandfather worked the railways and my fathers uncle owned a Butcher shop on Duke st. My father plans to return to Glasgow for a visit and I would love to present him with an address for his brother. My father was born in 1930( I may have e-mail to some people the!
wrong year) and from what he says they grew up in ranks or housing??? I would appreciate it if anyone living in the area now could be of any help to me....
David Winestone
N/A i would like to contact anyone who went to buchan street primary school in the gorbals between 1944-1951. i was born and bred in the gorbals and proud of it.
Jim McGhee
N/A A Leap Year Baby born 29,february,1948 in Rottenrow Hospital, Glasgow, one of four babies born that same day in the Rottenrow. Would like to correspond with other three, also need a copy of the photo taken of the four of us in the hospital in the arms of Nurses.I'm now living and working in San Diego California and have been in the U.S. for sixteen years.Might come back for the Millenium celebrations and would be thrilled to meet the other 3.
James Maitland
N/A Im from Govan in Glasgow Im married To a lady from Johnston for thirty five years.we have two kids an account and a high school teacher.
Cathie Burke (nee Neely)
N/A I was born in Anderson 1939 moved to Castlemilk 1954, went to Finnieston St and Woodside schools, my husband is Mick Burke he came from Greenfield came to Canada 1968, have two daughters one son and three grandchildren.
Tom Spratt
N/A Born and bred at dalmuir west-attended Clydebank High School and Dumbarton Academy. Worked at John Brown and R.O.F Dalmuir, left to join R.A.F in 1945,Posted to kasfareet Egypt (107 M.U.)On returning home to Beattie St.subsequently left for Rochester N.Y.then on to the Detroit ,Mich area. Interested in hearing from old friends in Clydebank and also from service friends in Egypt.
Catherine & Robert Campbell
N/A Born Southern General 1956, lived in Pollok til'77 left for South Africa for 1 year then returned to Scotland til '81 then headed for Canada...looking to hear from any of our old mates from school (Lourdes S.S. '68-'72 ) or any of my old work mates ( Butters Cranes, Ibrox '72-'77 ) or fitba'pals (Deanpark Royal, Paisley & District )or anyone who think they may make the connection...remember there's only 7 deg. of seperation. Awrabest
N/A My wife Nancy and our two children Linda and John left Glasgow to come to Canada in 1963.I had served my time as a Plater at Babcocks in Renfrew. We lived in Carntyne till coming to Burlington Ontario. We would like to hear from anyone who new us.
ps My computer crashed and i lost "e'mail addresses of many friends and would like to make contact again.
Also have new e-mail_address:
Jinnie DeLazzari
N/A Hello....I was born in Govan in 1959, I attended Fairfield school until age 6...we moved to Canada at that time....I'd like to hear from anyone who attended Fairfield school around 1964 or 65

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