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Ian McMillan
N/A Born on St Georges Road--came to the US in '61. Big time Jags AND Scotland supporter. Now living in Connecticut and would like to hear from anybody from Glasgow.
Stephen Moir
N/A I was born in 3 Shannon St. Glasgow in March 1964, and lived there till I was 16. I moved to Canada 17 years ago. All of my family still live in Scotland, however have since moved to Glenrothes, Fife. I still love to go home, and yearn one day to return to live the remainder of my life. It would be good to hear from anyone else from home.
Anne (Barr) and Robert Glendinning
N/A Anne was born in Lanark 1952 but grew up in Queenslie and Cranhill. Robert was born in Lennoxtown but lived in Cranhill until our marriage in 1969. We both went to St. Modan's and St. Gregory's. Robert graduated from Strathclyde in 1974 when we moved south to London. In 1983 we moved to Holland and lived there until 1992. Currently living in Texas, USA. We have two boys Robert, 28 and Stephen 26. We get back to the UK regularly and still have family in Glasgow. We would love to hear from anyone who knows us and we have lost touch with.
Andrew O'Neill
N/A Hi: I was born in Castlemilk in 1957. I attended St Margret Mary's Secondary School. I have lived in Canada since I was 19. I still have very fond memories of Glasgow and would love to discuss them with anybody else who is interested.
Maris MacDonald
N/A Born in Blairdardie, Glasgow. Moved to Canada in 88'. Miss the Glaswegian humour!
Moira Paterson
N/A I was born in Uddingston in 1972, went to Glasgow Caledonian University, married an American, and now live in the Hudson Valley area of NY. I'd love to hear from any other ex-pats, ex-grads, or anyone in the Hudson Valley area.
Andy Mc Williams
N/A I moved here in 1965 from Drumchapel, Glasgow,and I belonged to the YMCA there.We had a great group of people there and I'd like to try and find some of them.
Peter McC. Smith
N/A Hi everybody, I grew up in Dennistoun Glasgow, Bluevale St. to be exact between Duke St. and the Gallowgate not to far from the Dennistoun Palace Dance Hall. Served my carpenters apprenticeship there in a wee joiners shop just across from the Barrowland, had some great Saterday nights there? done my time in the army the "Royal Scots" and came to California in 1965. My mammy still lives in Easterhouse and we visit back and forth, my three brothers and sister still live back there, East Kilbride, Garscadden, and Millerston. Anyway enough BS some of you must know these places so please do give me a wee bit o' chit-chat about Glesga! and anything else you might have to share about UK or USA.
Frank McGonigal
N/A I was born in Clydebank in 1932, up in the "Holy City". Lived on Granville St until the BLITZ in 1941. Served my apprenticeship with Aitcheson Blair, and sailed for Canada in 1957, and have been there ever since, except for a few trips to Scotland and Ireland. Hope to hear from some old friends and workmates.
Joan Martinez
N/A I was born Lennoxcastle Stirlingshire, I spent the next 22yrs in Easterhouse. I worked in the Royal Infirmary as State Enrolled Nurse. In '81 I married an American we met at the Savoy. Because he is in the navy we have spent a lot of time moving aroun! d. Not a day goes by that I dont think of home.
Sarah Potter ..nee McSorley
N/A I was born in Bridgeton and lived in Bernard St. Went to Queen Mary St school then moved to 127 Denniston and went to Whitehill school. Moved to USA in 1981 then to San Antonio TEXAS to "semi-retire !" am now a granny to a wee lassie , I have a son and twa girls who are a growed up noo ! they were raised in Stonehouse before we came stateside ..would be pleased to hear from any school chums etc
Eileen Murray
N/A I was born and raised in Glasgow, moved to Brunswick, Maine and am now in search of my sisters left behind in Glasgow
Robert McCulloch
Homepage I'm in my mid fifties married to girl from fiji, we have two rugrats, Andrew (for Scotland) and Fiona (fair of face) we live 35 miles west of Sydney NSW have adopted Bill Alexander as my brother, we have constant contact with him through ICQ. Although not born in Glasgow I lived and worked there. Talking about the Finneston Crane my uncle Wullie operated it as well. Ah wiz brought up in Coatbridge, no that far frae Glasgow but call masel a Glasgow man. Lived in Maryhill, Leyden St, before emigrating oot here. Went back in '96 for the first time geez talk aboot gettin loast, but it started comin back tae me as I drove around the place. God Bless here's tae us wha's like us.
Karen(charlotte) Robertson
N/A I was born in '62 at bellshill maternity lived in Bargeddie, (Maryhill & Easterhouse) Attended Coatbridge High. Have lots of family in the Coatbridge/Airdrie area. The "Anderson's" (Jimmy, Roy, Bessie, weePhylis+++) and Robertson's (Jim, Janice, Callum, wee Jackie) I'd love to have contact with ANYONE who's heard of Bargeddie.
James Robertson
N/A Left Renfrew in 1954 when I was 12 and still call Scotland my home. My wife comes from Kings Park and she came here in 1963 to be a nanny. I still have relatives in Bearsden and Cambuslang
Edith Hojka
N/A Hi! I am a German Student who stayed in Glasgow in 97 year for a couple of months. Taking part in the Gorbals youth project and worked there and lived first in Maryhill in the YMCA Branston Court.Then moved to Dennistoun, Onslow Drive. Now I am wr iting my Diploma and need some more Information about the Gorbals. I took some informations with me but if anybody has more please contact me. Cheerio
Christy Toth
N/A OK, so I'm not really Scottish, but I'm moving to Glasgow in a few months! Write me. I would love to know more about my future home, and I would like to make a few friends before I get there!

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