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Irene Buchanan
N/A I lived at Kingston Street in the South Side and went to Crookston Street School. Mr Colins was my music teacher, Miss Henry - English. Came to Canada in 1963 would love to hear from Rose Burke - Helen MacLean- Mary Gilday- Chrissie Black - Irene Livingston - Betty and Doreen Waddell. Jenny Grant - Would like to hear from any one from that area who knew me.
Peter McC. Smith
N/A Born,Dennistoun,Glasgow.1938 carpenters apprentice for 5yrs, then military service "Royal Scots" 59/61. I worked for Tennant's brewery for a couple of years on Duke St. as a carpenter refitting pubs and hotels on the west coast and around Ayrshire, great job. Since 1965 I've lived Southern California,and been very happy here although there's something about the old country that keeps calling. My mum still lives in Easterhouse right at the corner of Edinburgh Rd. right by Smylie's garage, my wee sister Betty and her husband Charlie Cox{a great guy}live up near Hoganfield Loch, and my brothers both electricians, Billy lives in Garscadden and Alex lives in East Kilbride and of course the youngest one still lives with my mum. Listen glesga folk out there I have so many fond memories and thougth's from back home so I will save them till I hear from some of you glesga keelies ge'us a bell on the old Email. Haste ye back
Heather McGillivray
N/A I'm from Chicago, looking for friends in Scotland to share the culture of my heritage.
John Milloy
N/A My name is John Milloy, born 1929 in Govan, Glasgow. I lived on Crossloan Rd., attended Greenfield School and Govan High School. I was a member of the 36th Troop Scouts on Greenfleid St. and the 6th Btn. H.L.I. Cadet Corps. I was also a member of the Glasgow Regent C.C. I'd like to hear from any Govan people of a similar age.
Colin McArthur
N/A I was born in 1956 in Glasgow, lived in Nitshill Pollok since I was one year old moved to Maryland USA in 1989. Would like to hear from new friends or penpals from Glasgow who would like to email me. Please drop me a line. Looking forward to hearing from anyone from Glasgow. Write soon!
Brian Evans
Homepage I was brought up in the Garngad, left there in 1966 lived in Jersey Channel Islands for 25 years, I now live in Jefferson City, Missouri USA.
John McBrearty
N/A Born, Rottenrow Maternity Hospital, Glasgow, 1950. Raised in Rutherglen. Attended St. Mark's Primary School, Blairbeth and Holy Cross High, Hamilton. Former member of the Glenmarnock Wheelers Cycling Club. Emigrated to America in 1970. Now a law! yer (the Scottish education system was not as bad as I thought when they were dishing out lashes of "the belt") and I practice in Long Beach. Awrabest tae all of you, even the Rangers supporters. We always will belong to Glesga!
Karen MacDonald
N/A I came to Canada in 1980 as a nanny. I am now married and still living in Ontario, have two girls 7,5. I lived in Milngavie for 18 years before coming to Canada. I miss Scotland more now than when I first came here. I went to Clober Primary School then went on to Douglas Academy High School. Looking to hear from other people from Milngavie.
Andrew Steele
N/A Born Springbank St 1939. Worked for Express Elevators and Pickerings lifts. Would love to hear from anyone who lived there or who worked for any of the companies. Now live in Ottawa Canada. If anyone knows Jim Brady of Thistle St Gorbals I would like to hear from him or of him. Drop me a line I'd love to hear from you all.
Pauline Swift (nee Lochrin)
N/A Holyrood School till 1969. Lived in South Africa after leaving school. Back in London now. Looking to catch up with old school friends. Looking for Martin Mitchell who lived in Ibrox in 1968 (father's name George), Martin was an apprentice printer in 1968 and should be around 50 now.
Gloria Carreno (née McAleer)
N/A ex-Rutherglen Academy 1961-1968 addressed in Blairbeth, Rutherglen then Fernhill. ex Edinburgh University, Honours French '69 -'72 Netball freak; Teaching English with a Scottish accent in a small town in the French Pyrenees Trying to make a small name in photography (4 personal exhibitions so far, anyone out there interested ?) Also trying to write. Had my first play performed at Greyfriar's Kirk House at the the 1997 ED. Festival. Would be very interested to meet up with some of the old gang.
Jean Cameron
N/A Born and raised in Rutherglen. Emigrated to Canada in 1968 have three grown children, two married one single and in Canadian forces. Have four grandchildren. Work at the University of Guelph.
Andrew B. Totten
N/A Born and Raised in Glasgow I am now in Baltimore, Maryland. U.S.A.
James Mc Gachy
N/A I was born in Port Glasgow and went to St Stephens high school in the early sixties. I moved to the USA in '82 and have been back a few times since and I always have a great time. I love to get e-mail
Liz Cann
Homepage I was born in Lanark and raised in Viewpark, Uddingston. I've lived in the US since 1972, and have been in southern California for the last 20 years. Would love to hear from other can take the Scot out of Scotland, but ne ver Scotland out of the Scot! Slainte!
Ken Tweed
Homepage I was born in Milngavie and still live there today. I attended Milngavie Primary up to Primary 6 and then moved to Clober Primary when it opened where I completed Primary 7 before going to Douglas Academy. I left school in 1970 and served my electrical apprenticeship with my uncle "Tom Smith" before moving to work in the "Albion" in Scotstoun for 2 years and then on to the Flexible Ducting for a couple of years. I was made redundant there and then started as a Service Engineer with Hamworthy boilers for about 8 years before starting my own Electrical & Boiler business in 1987. I was also involved with the Boys' Brigade (BB) as the secretary of the 2nd Milngavie Company for about 19 years before becoming Captain for a year when I the! n had to resign due to my business commitments. I was also the Batallion Queens Badge Adviser for a couple of years. I ran our Company holidays in Banff and then Macduff and in 1985 I took our Company to Denmark, a holiday that was so successful that it was repeated the following year and a couple of times after that. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone that has any dealings with any of the above interests and also the Glasgow Rangers....a team that I have always supported and am a season ticket holder at present.
Camillus McElhinney
Homepage I'm a 35 year old Glaswegian, living in Roslea Drive, Dennistoun, for the last nine years. Before that I lived in various flats in west end while I was at uni (Strathclyde). I come from Clydebank, just outside Glasgow. If you want to find out about Glasgow, from a Glaswegian, (an' a don't mean somedae who lived in Glesga 40 year ago!) visit my site, or email me!

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