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Neil R. Thomson
N/A Left Scotland in 1966,widower,self employed,2 kids at home. Listen to jazz,draw and socialize.
John [Ian] Clark
N/A Born in Glasgow 1937,left 1967.Lived Crookston,Cardonald,Dennistoun and Rutherglen.Worked in the insurance business in St.Vincent and St. George streets 1955 to 1967.Also includes two years in R.A.F.Air Traffic Control. Retired from that business end of 1997. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who fits in anywhere there.
Vinayak Prasad
N/A I am a doctor working in India. I plan to be in Glasgow for a one year full time M.B.A Programme. Interests are in Net surfing,cars,and studying all about Health and related subjects.
Hugh Meikle
N/A Grew up in Govanhill during the war. went to holy cross and holyrood left 49.lived on inglefield st. came to canada in 51 anyone know whatever happened to jim stewart. he lived on coplaw st. would be a treat to hear from someone.
John McMillan
N/A From maryhill, actually cadder. got here in 1961 and have enjoyed it but still belong to Glesca! Still follow the partick thistle--some things you cant forget! would give my eye teeth for a good fish supper! look forward to hearing from some other expatriates.
Brian Masterson
N/A First generation American. Parents, Patrick and Lily Mitchell Wilson, born in and around Glasgow, 1887 and 1889, respectively. Grandfather Patrick died at St. Joseph's Home, near Glasgow, in early 1933, alone, except for a "niece" Martha Ann Kennedy of Argyll Street, who was listed on his death certificate. Would like to connect with any relatives of Martha Ann Kennedy to see if we are connected.
Allison Doherty)
N/A Canada I am from Pollok, Glasgow, came here 11yrs ago and live just outside of London, Ontario on a horse farm, I went to Crookston Castle secodary school and would love to hear from other expat glaswegians through the net. I am married to a guy from pollokshi! elds and have a wee girl of 2yrs.
Chris Mac Kenzie
N/A Hi my name is Chris Mac Kenzie I was born 1943 in penilee glasgow would like to hear from hugh wilson scotland st andy fairweather from castlemilk believed living in canada.ihave been living in aussie for 25 years would like to hear from anyone who knew me
Beatrice Webb
N/A Born in Glasgow (Calder Street) in April 1939 - lived there until 21 - went to London for five years when I ws 21 - married an american at 26 (or was it 25) came to live in the states and have been here since - (1966) us citizen. last time there! 1991 - planning on going back some time this year, with my now husband, jim. lived in florida since 1969.
Sheila & Gary
N/A Sheila grew up in Paisley, married the "yank" Gary in Paisley Abbey, moved to Massachusetts Gary is an avid fan of anything Scottish, particulary beer, music, & castles!! sheila loves old furniture, artwork, and interior decoration! We welcome all inquires, news, stories, especially a good joke!
N/A Came to Canada in '69 for 6 months and never went back. Have lived in Vancouver since '79. Go back to Glasgow almost every year. I'm in Media and enjoy living in Lotus Land.
N/A I am male born in Glasgow 1929 Lived in Possilpark, Until going into the RAF at age 18.Lived in Blackpool, England for 10 years. I now live in Florida. Would like to hear from other Glaswegians.
Henry Lennie
N/A I left Glasgow in 1955. I attended Johns St Secondary School in 1955. I lived at 175 James St. I worked at 'Henry's Laminated Leather Works' (it was located in Main St Bridgeton Cross). I migrated to Australia in 1956. I would like to hear from anyone from Bridgeton or anyone who attended Johns St High School.
Ewan MacDonald
N/A Hi, I'm Ewan and I was brought up in Cardonald. Glasgow. I married Dorothy my childhood sweetheart and had five children. We Emigrated to Australia in 1969 and just love it here. We have been back to Scotland for a holiday and visited the family that are left.
Sharon Mc Garrie
South Africa
N/A Born Ross hospital Paisley, 1965. Attended Our Lady of Lourdes in East Kilbride and Our Lady & St Margarets, Kinning Park (Plantation) Resided in Wallace Grove Place. Parents and family in Househillwood/Priesthill. Returning to Glasgow October 1998. Can't wait to get back with ma'ain folk.
Tom & Avril McMahon
N/A Both my wife and I, come from Cranhill. We now live near Canada`s capital city, Ottawa. We are trying to find former friends. I attended St.Gerards, and my wife, attended Cranhill Secondary. We moved to Canada, and would like to catch up, with their life stories
Colin Coats
N/A From Maryhill, 86 Fingal St. I Lived their from 1970 - 1979 and went to Maryhill Primary School (74-79). I moved to Liddesdale Rd in Milton, went to Chirnside Primary (79-81), then Colston Secondary School (81-85). I would like to get in contact with anyone who attended these schools during the periods indicated.
Janet McNeil Reid Hannah
South Africa
N/A Hi there, I was born at 38 Hopehill Road, Maryhill Glasgow. I lived there with my sister Mary and my parents Mary & Hugh. My Grandfather, Samuel Gorrell, lived across the road at No.47. In 1961 (when I was 6) our tenement block was to be bulldozed and we moved to Garthamlock. My sister and I attended Craigend Primary and later Garthlamlock Secondary School. For 13 years I worked for Glasgow District Libraries, mostly in the East Side (I would be better known under my married name as Jan Furley). I stayed in Dennistoun, then Garrowhill and finally Robroyston before emigrating to Cape Town (to join my sister). If anyone remembers me or my family I would love to here from you.
Raymond(Ray) Hood
Homepage Born at 88 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank, right across from the library in November 1949,started school at old Cldebank High School on Kilbowie Road, moved to The Faifley 3 month later.Attended Faifley Primary then moved on to Clydebank High at Jannetta Street.Left there in 1962. Got married,had two kids,Jackie and Craig,wifes name was Christine Clark.Came to California in 1981,lived in Indio,Santa Ana ,Huntington Beach ,Fountain Valley and now here in Northern Orange county at La Habra. In between times I got divorced from Christine ,got my kids and remarried a California girl,still married 15 years now,have two great kids.Connor who is five and Emma who has just turned four. My oldest Craig still lives here in California but my daughter went back home and now lives in Parkhall,Clydebank.My folks Bob and Jean Hood used to live in the Holy City before it was bombed during ww11,my dad owned the Blitz stores in Dalmuir and McGregor Motors in Clydebank.Would like to hear from anybody from Clydebank area and all my cousins and other relatives I have all over the world,also any butchers with a good sliced sausage recipe Ray
Jackie Handyside
New Zealand
N/A I was born in New Zealand (only Kiwi in family) and my parents come from Rutherglen. My sister presently lives in Clarkston. I travelled overseas for over 2 years through Europe. Lived and worked in London and stayed with my sister for 3 mont hs. Have been back and forth to Scotland quite a few times and love it. If I wasn't living in NZ, I would be in Scotland. I love music and enjoy going to concerts.

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