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Jeannie Newman
N/A I am a 51 year old female I was born in Skelmorlie. I am married to an American and have two children, a girl and a boy. I try to go home every year as all my family is still there.
Iain Livingston
N/A Born in Knightswood in 1944. Attended Knightswood Secondary school. Spent 23 years in Royal Navy. Now live in USA with wife Moirs who is from Pollockshaws. Would love to hear from anyone who may have known me from Scotland or the Royal Navy.
Mike Kelly
N/A Hello, I was born in 1950 in rottonrow hospital and spend most of my life living in yoker (old st brendans, whiteinch (st pauls) and knightswood (st thomas aquinas) anderson (notre dame college). i moved to new york in 1978 and now live in florida. my best memories of glasgow are celtic,the snaffle bit, saturday morning football league (moonshiners)a great family and lots of good friends if it strikes a bell get in my nickname was "spike"
Archie Savage
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1939 I lived in Croftfoot for many years and I attended the following schools, Croftfoot Primary, Hollybrook Street Special School, Westerlea School for Spastic Children, Edinburgh, and Kings Park SS School, I was born with Cerebral Palsy, I worked in Barclay Curles and Weirs. Left Glasgow in 1972 to study in Sheffield, Got a B.A. (Hons) degree and have lived in South Yorkshire ever since
N/A Hi there I'm 23 years old,I was born and brought up in Crosshill, Ayrshire, I hae been oor here for almost 6 years noo, I came oor tae the States as an AU-pair, and eventually married oor here, we have a great wee boy he's 3, Tyler,........I really dae miss back hame,,,,,,,,,,I hae been back 3 times in the last 6 years, but my family pland to come every 2 years,so thats good,,,,,
Betty Curran
(nee Head)

N/A Born 1948 Dennistoun, Glasgow, attended Thompson St and Onslow Drive Schools. Met, fell madly in love and married John Curran, moved tae Rutherglen, hid ma first wean, Jason in Rottonrow Hospital. Moved tae California when he wiz seven months old (he's 25 now and has a brother and sister 21 and 17). We're still here, loving it but heart will always be in Glesga. Trying to trace some cousins, Iren Hamilton or Alice McKechnie(maiden names Major)last known residence was East Kilbride. Write anytime. Orrabestfirnoo
Rob Gollanek
N/A HI my name is rob gollanek and I reside in Toronto Canada. I had the wonderful experience of living and working in Glasgow for 8 months in 1989 during a co-op term while in college. I lived at the Red Road flats in the YMCA building and I worked at Muirheads a quanity surveying firm located in a building close to Anderston station. My time their with the lager and and the lassies will always be great moment in my history.
Jim Briggs
N/A I was born in Glasgow in 1945, grew up in the Govan Hill/ Shawlands area, came to the states in 1960 and would love to hear from anyone from my old neighborhoods.
David Adams
Homepage Hi Im Called David I'm 13 years old and come from Cumbernauld Just outside glasgow, so if anyone live in Cumbernauld or would just like to get to know me E-Mail me.
Frank Mc Caig
Francies Scottish Humour I was born and raised in Glasgow, and I am registered on another page in this page of yours. I have since then achieved a Homepage of my own, and it should appeal to Scottish People all over the world. Francies Scottish Humour
Highland Tap Pub
Homepage If in Canada come to Niagara Falls & Visit the Highland tap Pub. Scottish owned PUB in Niagara Falls Canada.
N/A Want to hear from High Possil People from around 1963 till 1966 Especially Ian Patience, Billy Erskine and the rest of these rascals. I've been living in California for the past 24yrs. My name is Brian Kirton and I'm sure these guys will remember me, thanks.
Archie Beith
N/A I am from Glasgow. Came over here in 1966 last place I stayed was Govanhill, but was originally from Knightswood worked at the Victoria Infirmary, then moved to Cumbernauld till I came to Canada. Was looking for anyone that went to school around Partick, can't remember the name of the school though.
Phil Mc Cambridge
N/A I'm a 63yr old who left glasgow over forty years ago but I go back once in a while. I'd like to hear from any guy or gal who would enjoy just emailing back and forth.
Cathie Campbell (nee Fleming)
South Africa
N/A I was born in Garioch Street, Maryhill at the end of the war. We then moved to Priesthill where I stayed until I was married in 1965. I attended Burnbrae Primary and after my 'qually' went on to Shawlands Academy. For those who were asking about Castlemilk, I used to drive ELBE's travelling shop round there from 1966-1969. (Used to buy the family allowance coupons on a Wednesday when everyone was skint and couldn't afford the essentials of life like Irn Bru, fags and chocolate doughnuts.) At that time, I was living in Bankhall Street in Govanhill - right across the road from the Penny Farthing and not too far from Hampden. I came to South Africa in 1974 and I've only been back for the one holiday at Hogmany 1995/96. I'm lucky in South Africa where I've found a Scots butcher who makes REAL mutton pies, square sausage, black pudding, steak pies, spiced ham, etc..... Bet that's made a few mouths water..!!!!!! South Africa's a great place, but I miss my fitba - I was a member of the Priesthill RSC and never used to miss a game. If anyone wants a friendly chat with an auld wumman, I'd love to hear from you. BTW - to the 'powers that be' - thanks for the site, it's great. (Thanks Cathie - Ed)
Ruby McCann
N/A Been away from Glasgow, for too long, would like any and all information relating to Glasgow. Jokes, politics, fitba, social issues etc., basically anything. Doing research on the Celts and would be glad of any info out there.
Stewart C Bruce
N/A I was born at 19 langside rd, govanhill in 1946, moved to pollok when i was 15 [1961] to 23 lochar crescent [police houses] i got married and moved to canada in 1969 where i still address is 55 lorne scots dr,milton,canada,ontario.l9t2z2 i would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows me,especially my best man ian comrie also known as john who lived at linthaugh rd pollok.thanks again
Anne Hunter
N/A I was born, raised and still live in Hamilton. I'm 29 years old and would be happy to hear from any overseas Scots who want tae talk tae someone frae the hame country. If you just want to ask about the weather or want to know something in particular then I'll do my best to help you findout. E-mail me any time.

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