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I am writing to you because of an internet search of "Wilson, pipes, and Scotland".  My wifes father was Allan Kenneth Wilson, and his father Allan Wilson, a world renown tenor.  Allan and his wife Winifred Mima Fletcher were both born in Glasgow, she born in 1887, and he in 1888.  I have a document entitled Along the Winding Forth and Clyde Canal  A Foundry Tale, stirred by the Story in "The Iron Dale".  It is written by John Wilson Senior (a retired Cast Iron Pipe Foundryman in Glasgow) in the year 1960.

Allan's father was Matthew Wilson.  One of Matthew's brothers was Ebenezer Wilson and Matthew's other brother was John Wilson Senior and the brother's father is described (nameless) as a "farmer who entered Springbank Foundry about 1870, and soon became foreman over blacksmiths and fitters".  The nameless father's younger brother was in charge of the office staff.

John Wilson Senior entered the Despatch Department of Springbank Foundry at the age of 12 in 1883, having achieved the "Fifth Standard" in education and having ended his school career.

The Springbank foundry closed, and the firm moved to Stockton on Tees.  John Wilson Senior changed to John Shaw and Company, Maryhill Ironworks in 1890 where he worked between the foreman of the Foundries and the office staff working for a Mr. Thomas Campbell.

The Bridgeton Foundry in Glasgow, East was managed by John Brand (a cousin of John Wilson's Father, approx age about 70) and William Patterson (related to John Brand) about 1905.  John Wilson was offered the Foundry at that time because of his family connections, and employed his younger brother by two years, Matthew, as an equal partner in the Foundry.  Business flourished, and then came the war and the Bridgeton Foundry was put to work to manufacture mild steel water pipes for the trenches, with quick disconnect fittings to enable the forces to advance or retreat without sacrificing their water lines.  Another younger brother of John Wilson Senior by ten years "suffered all the drudgery of the business in the factory and foundry and still shares in the cares of the present" written in 1960.

In 1956 John Wilson Junior, Allan Wilson's brother wrote from Bridgeton Foundry, Fordneuk Street, Glasgow, and another brother Ebe (Ebenezer) (wife Rita) wrote of his latest Grandson, Simon Dunsmuir Wilson Scott from "Redbrae", Bothwell, Scotland.  Perhaps Ebe has two daughters, Helen and Nancy. 

Some of John Wilson's and wife Mary's family were his five boys, Norman, John, James, Martin, David.  He wrote from Ledcamerock, Kilwinning in 1954 to his nephew Allan Kenneth Wilson here in British Columbia, Canada.  He also talked of another business partner, an Alan Wilson in London at that time.  Alan (in London) and his wife and daughter were accompanying John, Mary and four of the five boys on a winter ski trip to Switzerland.

With this information perhaps you will be able to help me find related Wilsons in Scotland, perhaps you may even be one yourselves. 

If this finds you bewildered, could you perhaps forward it to other Wilson's that you may know, or to the Foundry perhaps.  We are really hoping to re-establish contact with Allan's relatives.

My burning interest in genealogy has prompted me to go through recently found letters, papers, photographs and documents resulting in my quest to trace Wilson's and their offspring.

Thankyou for your time and patience, Mike Dodds and Carole Kaiser (Allan Kenneth Wilson's daughter)

Posted - April 2003

Mike Dodds
I  am looking for information about my late Grandfathers uncle , Kenneth MacLennan, who was a manager with Macorley wine and spirit merchants , Jamaica street Glasgow , prior to 1914 and possibly after the 1914 , 1918 war.He was originally from Avoch on the Black Isle.Any information about either Macorley's or Kenneth MacLennan would be very helpful.

Posted - September 2003  

Iain Sutherland
I wonder if anyone can help me locate an old friend of mine that I lost touch with over thirty years ago, her name was Margaret Caric. She would be about 52 now. I do know that in 1967 & 1968 she lived on Greenfield street in Glasgow. If anyone one could offer any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted - October 2003  

Don Brewer
I am in search of information about iron foundries in Glasgow from 1822 -1850's. My great great grandfather Thomas Newton was an iron founder in Glasgow between 1882 and 1845. He was not a large well known founder so it is difficult to find besides I do not know the name of his company. Possibly Newton and Son, although the eldest son chose to become a soap manufacturer after his fathers death. ( Thomas's younger son, my great grandfather immigrated to New Zealand in 1884 taking with him a complete soap manufacturing factory!)

Thomas Newton was not a Glaswegian but born in Yorkshire, just where I do not know--one of those brick walls! But he must have known something about iron founding even at the age of 22 when he arrived in Glasgow. He married a Scots lass, Helen McLoun (McLean)

Posted - February 2004

I don't know if you can help or not. I found a ceramic bottle in the yard while digging. It is approximately 8" tall, the bottom 2/3 is a cream color. the top 1/3 is almost a gold color. The entire bottle is glazed. There is an ebbossed stap at the bottom of the bottle. It is an oval stamp approximately 1" long and 3/4" tall. The top of the stamp reads H. KENNEDY. The bottom of the stamp ran off the bottle, but I believe it read GLASGOW. In the center of the stamp reads, BARROWFIELD POTTERY With the number 10 in the center. The bottle is in very good shape and was wondering how old it was, what it contained and where it orriginated.

Posted - February 2004

R Lyons
I would like to post a questionnaire to any ex-pats from Kinning Park and surrounding areas like Plantation, Govan, Kingston. Ibrox etc. Info will be used to produce a book .

Posted - March 2004

My grandmother, Ethel Shaw, trained or worked as a nurse in Glasgow in the early 1920's.  I have been unable to find out where she worked & am wondering if anyone recognises the buildings in the attached photos.  I was told she worked at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary but they have no record of her.  She lived in Yoker.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Anita Best, Sydney, Australia

Images and further information

Posted - July 2004

Anita Best
Hi, I've got a poser for you. Can anyone e-mail a photo of the wee two class school that used to be on the Gartloch Rd. in Garthamlock in the fifties and early sixties. Thanks in advance........... 

Posted - April 2005

I am looking for old school class photographs taken at langside primary school from 1945-1955  thanks for any help.   

Posted - August 2005


Looking for members of McIlvenny family. Clues: The Mount, Mount Florida. Harry Mac (Footballer) son: Henry. The Mount consisted of Aunty Maggie, Auntie Marie and Aunty Patty. Henry was married to May and they had, I think, 3 children, two of whom were named Claire and Paul.

Posted - Sept. 2005

Helen (nee Kelly)
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