The Festival was now in full swing.

Over the next 150 days, Glaswegians, visitors and celebrities would flock to the Festival Site.

Some would visit every single day!

After entering the ticket gates at the southern end of Bell's Bridge the visitor encountered the fully restored 1914 "Overtoun Bandstand" which featured a daily schedule of musical events. The "Victorian High Street" lay beyond.

Here, over 20 retail outlets, ranging from cafes and restaurants to shops selling traditional Scottish crafts offered the visitor the very best in Scottish fare.

  At the end of the street lay the Festival Railway line and "The Rendezvous" - the central focus of the park.  

From here paths radiated out to each of the 6 main sectors of the Festival Site.

Each visitor had their favourite section. "Health & Wellbeing"; "Water & Maritime"; "Recreation & Sport"; "Landscape & Scenery"; "Science & Technology"; "Plants & Food".

  No matter your age or your ability there was something for everyone at the Festival.  
Main avenues and never before encountered "hidden" paths meant that visitors never tired of exploring the site.

Spring bulbs gave way to summer flowers as the seasons moved on and throughout the entire event the gardens were kept in impeccable condition.


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