Most of the images were taken in the Queens Park area of the City's southside. However, here the photographer ventured north of the River Clyde to record this image of a garage in Clydebank. The tram lines in the foreground indicate that this garage was probably located on Dumbarton Road.

A further image in the collection (not presented here) shows the Yoker War Memorial which commemorates the fallen of WW1 (1914-1918)

The war memorial is located in a park which also borders Dumbarton Road and it is probable that the two photographs were taken the same day.

It is assumed that the photographer had some particular interest in the Yoker memorial since many others are to be found around the city. The image of the memorial helps to date the negatives since the memorial would have been erected shortly after the end of the first world war circa 1919 (see also Victoria Road image).

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