Looking North towards Helensburgh and the Gareloch

The neighbouring towns of Greenock and Gourock (which operates ferry crossings to Dunoon) share a superb vantage point in the form of Lyle Hill.

Free French Memorial - Lyle Hill

From the Free French war memorial on the summit outstanding views of the lochs and hills to the north of the River Clyde guarantee to delight.

Bring your binoculars or use a long telephoto camera lens to view (from west to east) Helensburgh, Gareloch, Kilcreggan, Loch Long and Holy Loch

The Free French memorial was erected to the memory of the Free French navy who were based in Greenock during the Second World War and who gave their lives for the liberation of France and the allied cause in the Battle of the Atlantic (1940-1945)

At this point in your virtual tour you have the following choices.

1. You may take a quick trip across the River Clyde to Kilcreggan before returning to Greenock to continue down the Clyde to Largs .

2. You may travel across to Kilcreggan to explore some of the Western Sea Lochs (Gareloch, Loch Goil, Loch Long and Loch Fynne).

3. You may continue on to Largs.

Gourock with Holy Loch in the distance

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