Hell's Glen

Heading for Loch Fyne we take the small single track road colourfully called "Hell's Glen". You will already have become acquainted with single track road driving on your way to Lochgoilhead so its probably timely to advise you on some rules for using single track roads.

1. Please drive carefully and be courteous to those in front and behind you.

2. Use the "passing places" to overtake other vehicles (be careful of ditches and soft off-road areas)

3. If the passing place is located on your left, drive into it to allow overtaking to occur.

4. If the passing place is on your right, stop on the single track road beside the passing place and allow the other vehicle to use it to pass.

5. Passing places should also be used to allow vehicles behind you to overtake. Remember locals know the area better than you and may well be frustrated by slower traffic.

6. Never park your car in a passing place.

(NB These rules are intended only as guidance and should not be considered to be actual statements of Law. Tourists are strongly advised to aquaint themselves with the current road use legislation as described in the United Kingdom's Highway Code)

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