The Glasgow Web Site "Virtual Web Cam"

The Glasgow Web Site in collaboration with NaSa is pleased to announce the introduction of our "Virtual Web Cam". Every expense has been spared to bring you the finest possible web cam experience, virtually live from the centre of Glasgow. We hope you enjoy this revolutionary new concept in web cam design.

Technical Data
(for PhD students and the technically minded)

The Glasgow Web Site's, Web Cam, features a virtually radical re-think in web cam design technology. Using a hyper-frequency microwave link via its on-board relay system, the web cam data stream is beamed to NaSa's latest state of the art Sub-Photo-Orbital-Obervation-Focussing satellite. Here the high quality photographic image is digitally degraded to provide the finest quality web cam experience. Our technology specialist Dr Jimmy T Church acquired the necessary components of our system during a recent visit to the Kennedy Space Centre.
(He promises to send the stuff back after his release from Barlinnie).


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