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... welcomes you to where William Wallace fought - The Clyde Valley, Scotland.

Lanark High Street - a market town in South Lanarkshire
Lanark High Street.

The historic burgh of Lanark was the location of the first meeting of the Scots Parliament in 978. Today it is one of the most important towns in The Clyde Valley, and has a bustling market. Lanark Market is one of Scotland's largest farming markets.

A few hundred years after the first Scots Parliament took place in Lanark, William 'Braveheart' Wallace resided in the town. There are tributes to Wallace's fight for freedom in Lanark.

Statue of William Wallace
Statue of William Wallace on St. Nicholas Parish Church.
In Lanark lies the ruins of the church of St. Kentigern's, which date back to 1180. St. Kentigern's was built upon the site of an earlier church. Tradition tell us that this is the church where Wallace is supposed to have got married to Marion Braidfute. It is very likely that William Wallace attended St. Kentigern's.

Wallace would also have known what is now the parish church of St. Nicholas. However, when he was alive it was only a small chapel. It is unfortunate that little of that period has survived, with the exception of a few carved stones which date back to the early Middle Ages.

When St. Nicholas' Parish Church was renovated some skeletons were discovered. Amongst those excavated was the skeleton of a lady who would have been alive about the same time as William Wallace. Also discovered was pottery from the time.

Here stood the house of William Wallace who in Lanark in 1297 first drew sword to free his native land.

The plaque on this monument in Lanark reads:
Here stood the house of
William Wallace
who in Lanark in 1297
first drew sword
to free his native land.

In 1997, seven hundred years after the battles, Lanark was host to the Wallace 700 events. Much more information about William Wallace and his campaign for freedom in Lanark can be found through the Wallace 700 web site.

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